Brand, Experience, & Digital Strategy Director

Mark Mulvey

Data-driven creative strategy & digital transformation planning for forward-thinking brands.

experience vision

Opportunity assessment

Establish clear, objectives designed to move brands forward and resonate with customers.


Brand planning

Blueprint the building of authority, trust, loyalty, & memorability in the market.

digital evolution

Tactical planning

Chart a course for customer experience that balances feasibility with ambition.

Listening & empathy

User research

Study existing & prospective users to understand wants, needs, mindsets, & behaviors.

Knowledge consolidation

Insight generation

Surface common threads & shared themes to connect disparate sources of information.

Structure & hierarchy

Content strategy

Translate key insights into actionable implications for information architecture & content creation.

CX strategy

Design thinking

Define (or redefine) challenge assumptions and experience design problems.

Cultural context

Market research

Consider verticals, industries, culture, & companies to ensure relevance & differentiation.

Team alignment

Creative briefing

Distill data, research, insight, & requirements into a clear, inspirational kickoff document.


Code & finance

Create original materials explaining bitcoin concepts, importance, & implications.

Efficient commerce


Enable practical, cost-effective transactions by leveraging the bitcoin lightning network.

sovereign savings

Financial security

Advise best practices for safe self-custody and long-term storage and saving.


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